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Innovision Mini Shuttle Camera Tracking System Delivers

Innovision Optics new Mini Shuttle camera tracking system is now delivering. The first system is successfully working in the news studio at RBS TV, Sao Paulo, Brasil.
The Innovision Mini Shuttle transports a lightweight remote-controlled camera head above, through and alongside the action at speeds of up to 2 meters per second. The system’s revolutionary new aluminum dual-rail bendable track can be custom mounted to the studio wall or ceiling, in straight or curved profiles. Designed to carry a payload of up to 12 lbs (5.4kg), the Mini Shuttle works with most popular standard and HD block or box-type cameras from major manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, and Hitachi.
This fully programmable system utilizes Innovision’s precise and repeatable motion-control technology to provide five axes of movement – including pan, tilt, focus, zoom, and shuttle movement. It is capable of panning a full 360 degrees and tilting 90 degrees, at speeds of 90 degrees per second.
Manipulated through an easy-to-use manual or programmable controller with graphic interface, the Mini Shuttle provides 10 pre-settable camera shots per show file. To ensure smooth, trouble-free operation, Internet diagnostics of the system is immediately accessible via Ethernet connection.

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