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New Innovision Mini Shuttle Camera Tracking System

Innovision Optics introduces the Mini Shuttle, the company’s newest camera tracking system.
The Innovision Mini Shuttle transports a lightweight remote-controlled camera platform along a dual-rail bendable track that can be custom mounted to the studio wall or ceiling in straight or curved profiles.  Designed to carry a payload of up to 12 lbs., it utilizes Innovision's precise and repeatable motion control technology to provide five axes of movement -- including pan, tilt, focus, zoom and shuttle movement. The Mini Shuttle is capable of panning a full 360 degrees and tilting 90 degrees, at speeds of 90 degrees per second.
This fully programmable system provides 10 pre-settable camera shots per show file. The Mini Shuttle’s manual control lets the camera "fly" above, through and along side the action at speeds of up to 2 meters per second.

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