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Innovision Probes the Underbelly for Survivor

“The huge success of Survivor has allowed the production to travel to many exotic locations and, although primarily a reality show, we dedicate a lot of time and resources to draw the viewers into the environment the cast is experience by shooting a lot of B-roll of animals, bugs, underwater life, weather, etc….,” explains Emmy nominated cameraman Derek Carver.

“The Innovision HD Probe lens has been a great tool to capture unusual and unique images,” he adds. “The three variants (straight, 45 degree, and 90 degree) allow you to put the lens right into the world of the subject. The distance that the lens is away from the camera creates a dollying effect when panning – for example, when following a scorpion walking along a branch.

“Also, the fact that the last eight inches or so of the lens can be immersed in water opens opportunities to shoot in rock pools, make moves where the lens dips in and out of the water, and shoot split level footage. “One example would be when we placed a skull under the water in some mangroves and chummed the water so fish were swarming around it. We started above water and I follo2wed one of the roots down into the water, revealing the skull.

“I mostly use the wide angle 5mm and 8mm lens, but we figured out that by unscrewing the longer focal length lenses from the barrel we could reduce the minimum focal distance to get cool macro images.”

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