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"The Bernie Mac Show" Cinematographer Praises Innovision's HD Probe

4/28/05, Los Angeles, California

Victor Nelli Jr., cinematographer and director of “The Bernie Mac Show,” gave praise to Innovision's HD Probe in the spring issue of Operating Cameraman: The Journal of the Society of Camera Operators.  “Where we really have fun is when we use the Innovision Probe,” writes Nelli. “That lens just rocks! I’m always looking at the script and finding ways where we can get that great POV shot that gets me inside Bernie Mac’s world.” 

According to the article, the HD Probe lens has been used on the show to capture such unique perspectives as the point-of-view of a snake, a “tight” shot of the actors while they play cards, and an underwater extreme close-up of a hand stealing coins from a fountain. 

“I love the Probe because it works for us inside and out,” writes Nelli.  “We can change it out quickly. And the size allows us to get in those weird areas.”  Such uses of the probe can be especially effective in comedy. “That underwater capability allows us to really sell the comedy from strange places,” states Nelli.

Nelli additionally told Innovision that he would carry the HD Probe on his back all the time if he could. 

The success of “The Bernie Mac Show” demonstrates that the effective use of unique camera shots can give added strength to the story and character of an already high-quality television show. 

For more information about the HD Probe visit the product page or contact Innovision-Optics at 1-310-453-4866.

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